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The Gateway Series; Memory and Place in Gateway National Recreation Area

The walk in Gateway Park National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, New Jersey is 6 ½ miles from the entry gate to the lighthouse and Coast Guard Station at the end Fort Hancock. Along the path are rock barriers, large white sand beaches, dunes protected by holly trees and cactus. Additionally, remnants of fortifications, abandoned barracks and aimless left over missiles dot the landscape and appear out of context but are the history of this particular place in its role with national security. 

In the distance the skyline of New York is ever present. It was my purpose in these 12 compositions to highlight the memory of these elements juxtaposed against the large expanse of sky and water and city. Using colored pencils, I created a colorful, fantastic landscape that conveys the surreal quality of the various elements encountered along the pathway. I used multiple perspectives and a flattening of space to build a sense of movement that one experiences when one travels through this landscape. 

Consistent with my other walks, these walks were ritualistic in consistency. I walked every week, documenting the walks with sketches, photography, and collecting coastal artifacts. These compositions bear witness to Gateway National Recreation Area specifically, and about the memory of a former place of national defense.